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No710, Ronghua Rd, Chedun Export Processing Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai

Core Competitiveness

Our company have professional research and technical team, continuing working on key technology, basic engineering abilities and standardsand the direction of our new products.

1.Free Professional Design.jpg

Free Professional Design

According to the customer's requirement, the situation of the scene, by senior engineer, provides the best layout design plan.

Professional Product

Complete set of equipment, superior productivity and strict quality management system.

2.Professional Product.png
3.One Step In Place.jpg

One Step In Place

The equipment is safely served, complete installation, debugging, acceptance, delivery and use.

Perpetual Free Technical Support

Provide free professional equipment operation training for customers, and perpetual free technical support.

4.Perpetual Free Technical Support.jpg
5.Remote Monitor, Trouble Shooting

Remote Monitor, Trouble Shooting

Real time surveillance for the parking garage, follow the states of equipment as well. Make sure the equipment works safely and stabilized.

New EV Charging System

Smart parking will carry charge system for new energy vehicle, convenient and reliable.

6.New EV Charging System.jpg
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